Why I’m here?

Have you ever asked yourself the same question? Have you ever experienced waking up one day and you do not know the reason why you are at a certain place, at a certain situation? Maybe you do not know why you are with your career right now which is far different from your profession. Maybe you are at a place where you do not  know why your feet led you to where you are. Uncertainties are certain in this life, in fact, it is what makes life, Life.


photography of a woman sitting on the chair listening to music

Hashtag! When boredom strikes!

When you do things over and over again you would never tell yourself to try something new right away. First, you blame things, family, colleagues, career, profession, boss and the list goes on. You blame because you do not admit that  you are bored. Admit it and take a rest, be refreshed by the idea of taking a vacation. It is always good to experience and breathe a new air from another place. Your mind will be unwound by the hustling sound of deadlines, of to do list, of boredom. You need a break!


woman and man sitting on brown wooden bench

This is a result of dissatisfaction.

You are disappointed because you are not satisfied. You are not satisfied with your life, with your salary, with your position or with your wife (for the love of internet dignity!). The earth is rotating on its own axis, it does not rotate around you, so do not feel important. Be satisfied of what you have. I am not saying that it is wrong to aim higher or raising  standards over your life. You can raise the bar but when things go wrong do not be disappointed. Bear with your life! Mourn when you need to but for a little while! Disappointments are just part of your life, you can choose to control it or to be controlled by it.


black and white black and white depressed depression

Ungrateful heart, complaining tongue.

You overlook the blessings of life, hence, you always complain. You complain about how bitter the coffee is, the slow traffic in the morning, your table full of papers in the office, the taste of the stew cooked by your spouse, you basically complain about everything. Are you still happy with your life? I guess not. Look at the brighter side and you will see that others are not complaining when they are experiencing worst situation than you. Be grateful for little things and you will eventually be grateful for big things that come into your life. Thank the guy who mops the floor for you, the taxi driver who drives you around, to the boss who gives you task one hour before duty offs and to the cashier at the store who smiles for you.

Life is not all about you, it is also about them and most of all it is also about God. Do not be confused about your thoughts, it is the playground of the devil. Focus on the things that are more important, if you don’t know what are those, identify them. Prioritize your time, because you only have little of it.

Remember that you only ask yourself why you’re here because you are bored, you are disappointed and you are ungrateful.

God bless you always!

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