50 kilos days! 🙂 🙂 🙂

When I was starting to play keys and study the science of it, I was looking for resources that could help me develop my skill. That time internet was there but not readily available and sadly, I was not able to find what I was looking for. So, I turned to my father’s book shelves and found 3 big books in series about teaching music at Church. I read every single page of it while facing the church’s electronic keyboard. I was eagerly checking it and regularly setting aside time to study. It was a daily self study routine.

23 years later… Here I am still figuring out how to develop further my craft while serving a local Church. For 7 years of staying and serving in a roller coaster ride while balancing my unlimited rice life between work and ministry and later on love life (hahaha), I found out that there are more to do and more resources needed to equip myself in advancing the ministry entrusted to me.

So, why I blog?

Haayyy… Watta question!

Three months ago I was finding my niche online, asking myself what type of content creation I can put myself into. I can’t vlog, I am not flamboyant but I think I can do a table vlog. I can’t create memes, I am not a graphic artist but I think I can do a little of text in an image format in a minimalist approach to make it very millennial. I can’t do podcast, I don’t have the electronic equipment but I think I can gather audience to listen. What I can do is blog, I’m not good at creative writing but it’s not painful to write and turn those ideas into letters. 

I want to create a resource for ministry especially Music Ministry – the nearest to my heart. I want to share what I do to prepare myself every week, I want to share my thoughts why I do it and I want to give God the glory. I know that there are a lot of people like me who are searching for resources that they can use either to develop their talents or help their church. I want to be one of those resources.

Do you want to join in his adventures? Do you want to include him in your expeditions? Or do you want to contribute? Feel free to shoot him an email at daizerbelacas@outlook.com.

He would also like to interact with you through social media platforms visit about me

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