As worship leaders, we have a pastoral role when we lead the congregation in worship, we do not need to say much during worship, but sharing thoughts in between songs can help your congregation connect the dots in worship and can encourage them to engage.

In this blog post you will learn the powerful tips that can help you encourage the congregation to worship.


In the church where I serve with, we have an opening song that signals everybody that it is the start of worship. we need to invite them and give them a compelling reason why they need to worship. Because honestly, not all of them are ready for worship, some of them still think about the dishes or the laundry or what’s going on with their businesses while they are away.

You are there in front to remind them why they are here. Say something about the purpose of worship and if they would understand that it will be easy for them to participate.


You can explain the song that you are about to lead, the reason for this is that when they know the meaning of it or the back story of the song, it would be easy for them to sing along and be engaged. You can also say the Bible verses where the song is based, other worshipers do not know that the lyrics they are singing are coming from the Bible and if you explain that to them, it will be lovelier for them to sing God’s word to God.

Some songs need a little bit of context for congregation to understand what it is about. So, you can tell them a little bit of why the song writer came up with the lyrics or melody or some sort. You can also say your personal story that relates to the song, but you have to keep it brief, this is not testimony time, this is worship you have to get away from the picture but you lead them into the presence of God.


Prayer has a tremendous power to transform worship into an extravagance of awe and reverence before the Lord. Prayer during worship is not a personal prayer, therefore the worship leader must be recognized as the voice of the people.

Prayer is speaking too, so consider how you’ll do it. Always remember that you’re praying for the group, not just yourself. It can be helpful to use phrases from songs to deepen their impact. You may use the first person plural pronouns like “we join our hearts…” or “God calls us…”

Do Not Forget…

Do not forget that worship is a dialogue and everyone must feel the he/she is part of it.

Do not forget to convey the Big Picture, worship is not all about us it is all about Him.

Do not forget to consider the congregation, pay attention and value brevity.

Above all, ask God for wisdom and leading in your life as a worship leader.

God bless you, always!

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