At some point all of us have prayers that remain unanswered. We are all guilty of it.

Of all the things that a Christian can learn to do, the most important is to learn how to pray. Even the disciples of Jesus Christ asked him how to pray, they did not ask him how to heal the sick or do miracles or making the dead alive again. This only means that prayer is central to everything that we do as a christian.

Prayer is our glue to the wall that keeps us from falling. I believe all of us want to know how to have an effective powerful prayer life. God also wants us to have that kind of prayer life. But when I read James 4:1-10 I found two problems why prayers remain unanswered.

Problem 1: Forsaken Prayers

In James 4:1-2, the writer unveils the kind of people who are going after worldly life. They are trying to get everything they can by whatever means they can. They:

  • Fight
  • Scheme
  • Plan
  • Kill
  • Work
  • War
  • Hate

They do these things to get what they think they need. James tells them that they do not get the things they need because they do not ask for them.

Many of us operate in our ability and our own energy but we fail the very obvious point that God wants to move in our lives and bless us but we do not ask.

Prayerlessness is a sin, we are commanded to pray without ceasing. That means to fail to pray is to commit sin. Let’s repent!

Problem 2: Foolish Prayers

There are many times that we pray but we still don’t get because we ask from the wrong motive.

Foolish prayers focuses on what we want, it is:

  • Self-centered
  • Selfish
  • Sinful
  • Not in accordance to God’s will

The right kind of prayer always seek the will of the Lord. Foolish prayers are prayers outside the will of God, they do not bring glory and honor to Him.

Solution: Faithful Prayers

We have to avoid the problems and learn to pray the prayers that are heard in heaven.

Be Sensitive

The Spirit of God in our hearts has strong desires and He is very jealous for the glory of God. We need to be sensitive to the voice of God in our prayer lives. Because he knows the mind of God and He will share to us and teach us to pray proper prayers.

Be Submissive

Prayer is not about getting what we want. Prayer is about God working in us to line our will to His will. When His will becomes our will and when we are willing to surrender our plans, goals, wants and wishes then we are ready to see God’s answer to our prayers.

Be Steadfast

Learn to stand against the devil to achieve a victorious prayer life. Prayer is a warfare not an opportunity to share our wish list with the Lord and expects him to grant all our desires. We have to put on the whole armor of God and pray at all time in the Spirit. That is why we must learn to be sensitive to the Spirit and submitted to the Father before we take on the enemy.  Only then will we be strong enough to stand!

Be Separated

No man can come to God with dirty hands, a divided heart and a double mind. Victory in our prayer lives demands that we come clean before the Lord and repent of our sins.  It demands that we turn loose of the world and set our hearts and minds upon Him.  God cannot and will not bless the prayer life of a person who wants the best of both the world and God’s kingdom.  It is either or, but not both!

Be Sincere

Take the matter of prayer seriously. God knows our hearts and our motives, He knows if we are sincere or not with our prayers.

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