I do not usually talk about my personal life, but hey! it’s good to open up sometimes and tell you bits of pieces regarding my experiences, how i feel and my notions about things.

Couldn’t find a photo of me and my pa 🙂

Not until I reached 7 years old that I realized I’m a pastor’s kid. Few years before I was just enjoying moments of my childhood or maybe I just still needed time to process the things about my father’s work.

Before I was born my father was already a Gospel Minister, and so literally, I grew up in the church while seeing them working patiently and diligently for the expansion of God’s kingdom.

Being a pastor’s kid is bit hard, you know what I mean. I am expected, always expected to be smart, prim, proper, obedient and the list goes on. I remember one time when we were playing Bible Games, I was pointed out to be the group representative because they assumed that I’m good at it, that I can answer all the questions right just because I’m a pastor’s kid. I feel pressured during youth camps, Bibles studies and Sunday schools. I always hear people talk about how good and how blessed a child must be if he is a son of a pastor. My behavior should always be different than the others, and so, I made standards out of that.

I feel like i love to be at church all the time, because I can strum the guitar, touch the keys of the keyboard, operate the sound mixer and making animations for the projector screen. I made it my training ground with free equipment. People were always looking for me to get some help, like playing for them while they are singing and being at the forefront in preparation for the divine service. I felt like I was a important.

Years went by, I realized that the standard I set was solely based on the people who surrounded me and those are just in the peripheral level of human thoughts, God wants me to be more than that. If I am a true christian, I must do things out of love and it will result to good. That love should cling to my Savior because you cannot love what you do, others or even yourself if you don’t anchor it to the ONE who is Love. God taught me to understand and see his own standard. Being a PK is a bonus.

Church is not for entertainment where you can perform so that others may enjoy. Church is an organized organism, it has life, so the feeling of being an important does not really apply. I changed to “I do this for God’s glory not for myself”. Being a pastor’s kid is a blessing because God has chosen me to be a man raised in a Godly environment, where you can weigh things you do because of conviction. Change from glory to glory is always constant for every christian not only for pastor’s kids. Being at church, somehow molded me to become a person walking in the path of God’s will.

Now, that I am living alone with my wife, my earthly father’s words, or sermons as we call it, are very useful in every step of the way especially in making decisions. So, to all Pastors’ kids out there, living our life as children of God’s chosen people to lead and care for His church is amazing, it is a blessing not a curse. God has already written our life’s history, He knows everything about everyone of us. He has destined us to be born in a minister’s house, simply because it is His plan so, do not question. We should not be boastful because of it, instead we should live life according to His purpose and plan because after all, pastor’s kids or not we are still equal in the sight of GOD, He also died for us as He did to other people.

Happy Father’s Day to all Pastor’s out there!!! God bless you!

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