How To Be The Kind Of Giver We Ought To Be

"What kind of givers are we?" We usually give through our money. We give to people who beg in the streets, to friends who need financial help, to the waiters at restaurants for tips, to charitable institutions, to the church and many others. Are you a greedy giver who gives because you want something in … Continue reading How To Be The Kind Of Giver We Ought To Be

Knowing & Experiencing Perfect Love

Let's talk about love. Not just love but perfect love. Maybe you would ask me, "Does it exist? Humanity is broken, and although we show and give love it is not always perfect because we are not perfect" Yes you are right, but what if I told you that it does exist? I guess you … Continue reading Knowing & Experiencing Perfect Love

The Journey Begins

I always wanted to create a blog, and right now this is my first step. First steps are always hard but I know that I have passion, I needed passion and I want to complete this project while walking life with a purpose. I also want you to be part of this, I hope you … Continue reading The Journey Begins