My Life as a PK

I do not usually talk about my personal life, but hey! it's good to open up sometimes and tell you bits of pieces regarding my experiences, how i feel and my notions about things. Couldn't find a photo of me and my pa 🙂 Not until I reached 7 years old that I realized I'm … Continue reading My Life as a PK

The Nature of Worship

This is the first lesson of the teaching series about worship in the Church where I serve. If you are one of the attendees last week who happened to listen, please share this blog! Thanks! The objectives of this sequel are to examine the nature of worship and to explain the meaning of spirit and … Continue reading The Nature of Worship

How To Prepare A Worship Set list

I know that spiritual preparation is more important, but right now I want to talk about how a worship leader should prepare the set list. This preparation goes along with spiritual preparation that a worship leader should do before going to the battle. Worship leaders are overwhelmed by millions of songs appear when they type … Continue reading How To Prepare A Worship Set list